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Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd is a frontrunner in courier business and Came into being in 2017.

Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd has today successfully emerged as an international courier giant leaping into the new markets. In this highly competitive scenario, we are the most credible and trusted providers of courier, cargo, parcel and money exchange services to all major cities of USA & GERMANY. For all of them, managing their courier express requirements from A to Z has probably never been so easy.
We have our presence in most of the major and minor cities and towns in USA & GERMANY employing more than 2000 people in our state-of the art offices providing hi-tech facilities across the country.
We can handle our work independently and promptly because of our excellent transportation facilities that include own Cargo Fleet. We run our own vehicles not depending on public or private transport system. Exactly that is one of the reasons for our most flexible cut-off timings and highly competitive delivery time targets and rates.
With extremely committed, efficient and dedicated human labour back up right from acceptance until actual delivery, Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd can maintain the chain and thus ensures quality service. Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd provides high-risk money delivery services for leading money exchange companies with international presence. Over and above,Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd offices function round the clock.

In Canada, Snamic & Chilson Logistics Ltd is an incredible 'courier name'. We connect entrepreneurs and others spread across the globe by helping them to converge their potential assets safely to their homeland. We also connect people in Canada to emerge worldwide from within their home locale. We are very grateful to our fast expanding goodwill clientele for the immense trust and satisfaction that they have been expressing on our service.
The fact that our customers have long-term business relationship with us demonstrates best that the service provided is good.